The New Pittsburgh International Airport

When the Greater Pittsburgh Office of Promotion was contracted by Allegheny County to direct the publicity and special event programs connected to the opening of the new Pittsburgh International Airport in 1992, Jeff Durosko was hired to the new position of Airport Communications Manager.

Jeff was brought on board to launch a new communications programs and create awareness for the new airport.  Specifically, he was charged with national and international media relations, information services, including press materials, photography and video, publications and video news releases.

In the area of media relations, Jeff produced numerous quantifiable achievements, including contact with 500+ media outlets, 3 media tours, 4 AP wire stories that led to 200 articles across 150 newspapers, and 60 stories from video news releases and b-roll packages sent to 660 U.S. television stations.  His work resulted in major placements in international aviation journals, such as Aviation Week & Space Technology, Aviation Daily, Commercial Aviation News and Airports International. Coverage in travel and business publications included: Frequent Flyer, Business Flyer, Sales & Marketing Management, Meeting News, Travel Weekly and Successful Meetings.

Major media placements included The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, NBC Nightly News, USA Today, CNBC, The Today Show, ABC Radio Network News, CNN and CBS This Morning, the Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, Time’s International edition and the Christian Science Monitor.

Before reaching out to the media, Jeff had to create a number of key pieces and he started by conducting extensive research and developing a full package of 14 background papers on various aspects of the airport in less than two months. He also developed a series of publications in support of the airport opening.

Jeff was also part of a team that recruited and trained more than 1,000 volunteers to facilitate successful Public Open Houses attended by more than 400,000 tri-state area residents.