Strategic Communications

JDC has assisted many companies with setting a strategic focus for their communications programs.  One of the nation’s largest providers of proprietary education brought in JDC to assist with a wide reaching strategic communications overhaul, including planning, strategy and implementation.  JDC created a comprehensive communications strategy for the company as well as a number of targeted materials, geared specifically toward individual markets.

JDC’s work focused on setting up standardized processes by which schools could engage in public relations and promotional programs as well as to collect pertinent information from faculty, staff, alumni and others.

In addition, JDC implemented a pilot program for six schools located in Atlanta and Los Angeles to teach school leaders how to seek out publicity opportunities for students and faculty, create community partnerships and focus on alumni success.

JDC has worked on crisis situations ranging from bomb scares and contagious illness on campus to preparation for NCAA violations and campus leadership facing a no-confidence vote from faculty.  JDC possesses an expertise in not only handling crises but also being prepared in the event of a situation, making it the right firm to call on at any time.