The Common Thread

Jeff created a unique community report when he joined EDMC, first for The Art Institutes group of schools and then for all schools within the EDMC System.  The Common Thread featured students working in their communities – from designing websites and brochures to catering events to counseling children who were victims of abuse.

The Common Thread was an annual compilation of the best work being performed by students of EDMC schools across North America and provided evidence that EDMC schools were not only graduating students ready for the work world, but also good citizens engaged in their communities.

This award-winning publication was a winner with both the internal and external audiences. It served to show employees the great work that is being done around North America and served to join these schools as a system under the EDMC umbella. It was utilized by nearly every department of EDMC and its schools as a promotional tool.  This powerful message of student success both defined EDMC and differentiated its schools from other career-focused institutions.